4th Space Collective

4th Space Collective

An unbounded exploration of generative space and process, in service of mutual learning. 



about us

In August of 2017, 30 people from 7 cities gathered in Cincinnati to explore concepts of mutual learning, community and ecosystem building, creative practice and physical space. Prompted by a series of parallel experiments in Western Mass and Cincinnati, and by the opportunity of an installation at PAR Projects, the group gathered to share and explore the following:

  • What are the current contexts we're playing in?
  • What models, processes, and approaches have we encountered that work?
  • What are practical and effective ways we can begin to design and build local and regional prototypes for seeding and connecting?
  • What are parallel and complementary ideas are we exploring around physical spaces that support ecosystem and community building
  • What support structures are needed and available to engage in this work?


Continued collaboration, (aided by a delayed opening of the PAR Projects show), resulted in the creation of a deeply emergent installation, one that hopefully does service to the myriad voices, hearts and ideas that came to Cincinnati this summer. 

Mike & Sita, September 2017






Ritual, retreat, renewal,
and (im)permanence
in the urban landscape

Opening September 30, 2017
1662 Hoffner Street,
Cincinnati, OH



What marks do we leave in space? How do our individual and collective experiences become our stories and histories? How do we make sense and build relationships through the intended and unintended consequences of our actions and interactions?

Human beings have sought places for ritual, refuge, and mutual learning since the beginning of time. We gather to learn with, and from, others within formal and informal settings; we retreat to integrate our acquired knowledge. The urban landscape offers us a multitude of opportunities to make sense of our surroundings and leave (im)permanent marks on human-made and natural ecosystems.

Informed by David Thornburg’s three archetypal learning spaces (Campfires, Caves, and Watering Holes), this installation explores contained and open physical spaces embedded in the urban landscape as a collective weaving of stories, histories, and (in)visible relationships to space and community.

In the space between what we can and cannot see, we explore the tension between intentional and unintentional, permanent and impermanent, private and public, individual and collective—the liminal spaces where learning, growing, and relating happen.

Enter. Gather. Retreat. Share.